21 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs From Home

21 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs From Home
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Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or student, these 21 highest-paying freelance jobs from home will help you earn extra cash and make money from home even as a beginner.

Thanks to the coronavirus, work-from-home jobs have become more popular, and there is a great deal of interest in part-time jobs from home. In this article, you’ll find 21 of the best work-from-home jobs in 2021.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to earn extra cash with a work-from-home job, a student interested in making money online, or a full-time career woman looking for a side hustle.

Today, you can easily find freelance jobs online for beginners if you have some education and the willingness to learn new skills. Freelance jobs from home are a great way to earn money online and since remote work has grown in popularity, there are many freelancing jobs for beginners available.

However, if you’re just getting started online, you should be aware that there are many work-at-home scams and freelancing websites that claim to provide freelance jobs online but will never pay you for the freelance work done.

Luckily the growth of the gig economy has made it easier to find the best freelance websites for beginners that also provide real online jobs from home and legitimate freelance jobs from home.

There are also many websites and courses that teach you how to be a freelancer and work remotely. These remote job boards will help you in your job search to find the best remote jobs or freelance jobs from home.

MARS by SHEROES is one of the best work from home companies for women in India because it certifies Indian women as MARS Partners so they can find full-time remote work from home or part-time work from home in India.

Want to understand your core strengths and weaknesses, and find out how much money you can earn in your home-based jobs? You can also get free career counselling in India from career professionals.

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21 Highest-Paying Freelancing Jobs Online For Beginners

In this article, we list 21 of the highest-paying freelance jobs that will help you make money from home. These are some of the best freelance work from home for freshers, ladies and students.

Whether you’re looking for work-from-home jobs for moms, part-time work from home jobs without investment, or legit online jobs for students, you can leverage your existing skills or develop new ones to earn a decent income with these freelancing jobs for beginners.

1. Freelance content writing jobs

The easiest way to make money online for those with good writing skills is to take up part-time content writing jobs or freelance writing jobs from home.

According to the World Economic Forum, digital content producers are in high demand in India and digital content jobs are on the list of LinkedIn’s predictions for the hottest jobs of 2021.

There is a great demand for freelance writers for hire, and not only English writers. Paid online writing jobs for students are relatively easy to find because many popular blogs now cater to a multi-lingual audience.

A growing number of online publications need freelance blog writers who write in Hindi and regional Indian languages, so there are plenty of freelance blogging jobs available if you’re willing to work as a freelance blogger or freelance content writer.

If you can write well in any language, you can learn how to get freelance writing jobs from home and take up freelance content writing jobs for freshers to start making money as a freelance writer.

The downside is that freelance content writing jobs for beginners don’t pay very well, so you should specialize in a writing niche and improve your freelance writing skills if you want a high-paying freelance job.

The quickest way to get work-from-home writing jobs for beginners is to sharpen your web copywriting skills and become a professional essay writer or find academic writing jobs.

Other well-paying freelance jobs include resume writing jobs or ghostwriting jobs. If you’re willing to learn SEO content writing, you can apply for SEO content writer jobs.

Some of the highest-paying freelance content writing jobs online are in niches like freelance technical writing and freelance medical writing.

Specializing as a freelance travel writer or applying for freelance sports writing jobs will also allow you to demand better compensation than beginners starting out in freelance writing.

You can browse the best freelance websites for beginners to find online writing jobs for beginners, but the best way to showcase your writing skills and attract high-paying freelance blog writing jobs is to create your own writer website and practice writing for the web.

Freelance Jobs Online For Beginners

2. Freelance copywriting jobs

One of the most lucrative part-time writing jobs is to become a freelance copywriter. Good copywriters can demand thousands of dollars for writing a single sales letter of direct sales copy that converts website visitors into leads and sales.

In order to get the best freelance copywriting jobs, your sales copy must be compelling and convincing enough for website visitors to take action and fill in a form or buy the product or service that you’re promoting in it.

Learning how to write great direct response copy doesn’t come easy. It takes training and practice. However, there are a number of copywriting courses that will teach you the skill of writing direct sales copy.

You must also learn how to create an online brand that sets you apart from your competitors and approach clients who need copywriting services as many freelance copywriting jobs happen through referrals.

3. Freelance editing & proofreading jobs

The reason I’ve put freelance copy editing as distinct from freelance writing is that it takes a separate set of skills to be a good freelance editor. Here are the skills you need to apply for freelance content editor jobs:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent grammar
  • A love for the language

Again, you can become a freelance editor in any language as many large websites are hiring freelancers to help them go multi-lingual.

If you have these skills and want a work-from-home job without investment, you should apply for freelance proofreading jobs online.

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4. Freelance graphic design jobs

Do you have an artistic bent of mind and love technology too? Are you addicted to Adobe Photoshop and love creating beautiful images? If so, you might do well taking up a freelance career as a freelance graphic designer.

Good graphic designers are in great demand because, despite all the free tools that non-designers can use to make graphics, it takes creativity and training to help businesses create great designs that grab the attention of their customers.

To get freelance graphic design jobs from home, you’ll need some training in the Adobe Creative Cloud software. Along with freelance graphic designer jobs, you can also take up other freelance design jobs such as freelance logo design jobs.

You can find many freelance jobs for graphic designers on freelance sites like UpWork that list freelance graphic design jobs online.

5. Freelance web designer & developer jobs

Because all businesses need a website of their own, there are many startups looking to hire freelance web developers. Many freelancers find that becoming a freelance website designer or freelance website developer is a very lucrative career.

Although freelance web design jobs for beginners may not pay a lot, as you get better at your job you’ll be able to command better prices. Today, many freelance web designers are choosing to specialize as freelance UI designers as it has become an important skill for web design.

You can find many freelance web developer jobs and freelance web designer jobs by joining a freelance marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork.

6. Freelance software developer

One of the highest-paying freelance jobs online is that of a freelance software developer. That is because freelance coding jobs require specialized skills that can take years to learn and perfect.

In India, freelance programming jobs from home are becoming more popular as the reach of the internet grows. If you’re a student studying a software programming language like Python, freelance software jobs will be very easy to find.

With so many Indians specializing in computer programming, freelance IT jobs are becoming popular choices for those who want to work from home. As a freelance software developer, there are a number of domains you can specialize in, such as:

  • Freelance android developer
  • Freelance PHP developer
  • Freelance game developer
  • Freelance Java developer jobs

In future, there will be growing demand for freelance artificial intelligence engineers, and freelance Big Data engineers, so it would be wise to reskill or upskill yourself to position yourself as a freelance expert in these fields.

Create a profile on the best freelance websites for developers and build an expert brand so you can set yourself apart and get an edge over the competition.

Types Of Freelance Jobs

7. Freelance photography jobs

Is your camera an extension of your body? Do you love taking beautiful photos of people, animals, objects or landscapes?

If you love to travel and want a digital nomad job that you can do from anywhere in the world, a freelance travel photographer job would be your dream career.

If you love clicking portraits of people and want a work-from-home photography job, you can set up a photo studio in your garage and offer to take professional headshots for those who need them.

You could also start a photoblog and make a very decent income selling your photos to stock-image websites, like Shutterstock, that pay good money for unique images.

8. Freelance financial consultant jobs

Another excellent work-from-home job opportunity for women in India is becoming a financial consultant or insurance broker. This is one job that allows you to earn passive income without any cap on the limit you can earn.

There are many benefits to a financial consultants job in your golden years as young people are more likely to take advice on finance and investing from someone who is mature and experienced.

Also, there are many reasons why women make the best financial advisors. You can learn how to become a financial consultant and find work-from-home insurance jobs in India after free training with an insurance company.

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9. Freelance transcription jobs

With the growth of podcasting and video content, many websites that offer transcription services are choosing to hire freelancers for freelance transcription jobs.

Transcription jobs involve converting audio files to text by listening to the audio and typing it out. With transcription services like GoTranscript, you can earn an average of $150/month, while top earners make around $1215/month.

Most of these are work from home jobs without investment that require a basic knowledge of English, while medical and legal transcription jobs require specific knowledge and understanding of medical and legal terms.

10. Freelance tutor jobs

Teaching kids, whether as a home tutor or through freelance online tutoring, is one of the most satisfying freelance jobs a stay-at-home mom or student can have.

If you have some experience teaching subjects like math, science and English, or even music, you can easily start a career as an online tutor earning $30 to $50 an hour while helping students who need homework help over the internet.

Freelance tutor jobs are becoming very popular and there are many online tutoring websites where you can sign up as an online tutor.

Freelance tutoring jobs are also one of the best online jobs for students to earn money at home as students can teach subjects that they have already studied for.

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11. Freelance testing jobs

A freelance software tester helps companies test software for bugs and determine the quality of their software program or SaaS service. If you’re a software geek and love testing software, you can apply for freelance testing jobs.

To qualify for this freelance job, you need to be a software professional with several years of experience who can monitor each stage of testing to identify potential problems that may arise with the software.

You’ll also require software testing certifications such as the ISTQB Foundation Level exam, an entry-level testing certification that does not require any prior testing experience. The CSTE is a higher level testing certification that requires experience before you can apply.

There are many freelance job sites like Testlio, uTest, Findnerd, Crowdsourcedtesting, Upwork, Guru, Remotive, QualityTesting, and Freelancer that offer freelance testing jobs online.

Another way you can find high-paying freelance testing jobs is by reaching out directly to companies, developers, and designers, or branding yourself as a freelance testing expert by publishing a software testing blog.

12. Freelance virtual assistant (VA)

A virtual assistant (or VA) handles routine stuff for small business owners who don’t have the time or skills to handle these tasks. These tasks may include digital marketing, customer service, or administrative tasks such as freelance accountant jobs.

If you’re unsure what services you can offer that people actually need and will pay for, download this list of 150+ VA Services. It will help you come up with freelance VA job ideas and inspire you to level up your freelance virtual assistant services.

If you’re not sure how viable a freelance virtual assistant career is or whether it’s right for you, read these success stories of other freelance virtual assistants to inspire you. To find freelance virtual assistant jobs, browse the most-requested skills on sites offering VA jobs and see if you fit the profile.

Whether you want a freelance virtual assistant job from home or hope to start your own virtual assistant agency, you can use the skills you already have or learn a few new ones to become a freelance virtual assistant.

Freelance Jobs Ideas

13. Freelance trainer or coach

Would you like to take online classes or workshops where you can share your skills and expertise with those who want to learn from you? You can start an online group coaching program, workshop or course using free web conferencing tools like Zoom.

As a freelance trainer or coach, you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars by offering online workshops and courses. This is one of the most lucrative strategies used by most top coaches and trainers to scale their business.

You can also learn how to create your own online course, workshop or group coaching program and make money as a freelance trainer or coach selling high-ticket coaching services online.

Learn how to start a life coaching business or online coaching business with ICF-accredited coaching training and coach certification programs.

14. Freelance interior designer

You must be wondering how you can work from home as a freelance interior designer. Think about it this way.

If you work smart and focus on your design skills while outsourcing the site visits to a partner, you can work from home as a freelance interior designer most of the time.

Many celebrity interior designers also create their own branded range of home décor products and this is one option you can consider if you want to work as a freelance interior designer from home.

Thanks to the internet, you can work with overseas manufacturers to create your branded home décor collection, create your own online store and sell your products online without ever leaving your home.

15. Freelance artist jobs

If you’re an artist who wants to work from home, there are many ways to use technology and the internet to get a fulfilling and high-paying freelance job.

As a freelance artist, you can find many freelance art jobs if you specialize in one or more skill sets such as freelance illustrator or freelance animator. You can find freelance illustration jobs, freelance animation jobs and freelance 2d animation jobs on most freelance platforms.

But the best way to brand yourself and make a passive income online is to create an online store and sell your artwork or prints online. You could even create your own graphic novel or anime series and make a lot of money from merchandising or licensing fees.

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16. Freelance SEO jobs

SEO or search engine optimization is the skill of helping businesses rank their websites on Google so they can get targeted traffic from visitors interested and highly motivated to buy what they have to offer.

Because SEO is a very specialized form of digital marketing, you need to learn SEO from the experts and practice ranking websites in order to become good at it.

In order to apply for SEO freelance jobs, you need to stay updated with Google algorithm changes, learn about SEO content writing, blogging, on-page and off-page optimization and link-building.

As the SEO industry changes all the time, you also need to keep learning, stay ahead of the curve and be able to anticipate what skills you’ll need to increase traffic in the future. When you’re just starting out, you can register on freelance platforms and offer SEO services.

As you become better at it, you should start your own SEO blog and begin chronicling both your successes and failures so you can establish authority as an SEO expert. This will attract clients who want to hire an SEO freelancer to help them rank their websites on Google.

17. Freelance marketing jobs

Many businesses are looking for a freelance marketing consultant to help them promote their products and services. If you have skills in digital marketing, it will be easy to find freelance digital marketing jobs.

Among digital marketing freelance jobs, there are many sub-specializations of freelance marketing jobs such as:

Because digital marketing has become a vast field with many specializations, most digital marketers have to specialize while having an overall understanding of digital marketing services in order to stay competitive.

If you want to learn digital marketing, here are over 25 free online digital marketing courses you can join right away. Once you become an expert at it, you can even start your own digital marketing agency.

18. Freelance video editing jobs

Today, video content has become one of the most engaging forms of online content, so the demand for freelance videographers has gone up considerably, making it easy to get high-paying freelance video editing jobs from home.

Learning video editing is not hard as there are a number of low-cost courses that teach you how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, like a professional freelance video editor. You can find freelance video editor jobs on popular gig platforms.

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19. Freelance AutoCAD designer

If you’re looking for a high-paying freelance job that requires creativity and design skills, you can consider becoming a freelance AutoCAD designer.

As an AutoCAD freelancer, you’ll Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create designs such as a building floor, plan a 3D drawing concept of a product, and more such designs.

To become a freelance AutoCAD designer, you’ll require some training and certification. You can find freelance AutoCAD designer jobs on most of the freelance jobs websites, but CADCrowd.com is one of the best freelance websites for AutoCAD designers.

20. Freelance sales & customer service jobs

Did you know you can do freelance sales and customer service jobs from home? As a customer service representative, you can work at a time of your choosing and decide how many hours a day you want to work.

If you get certified as a remote worker, you’re ready to take up a freelance sales job or freelance customer care job from home.

Work from home companies such as MARS by SHEROES, [email protected], Overpass.com, and Remote.co, offer work from home as a remote customer engagement representative.

MARS By SHEROES certifies highly qualified Indian women with corporate work experience so they can find part-time or full-time remote work in India. Start working remotely as a MARS Partner and realize your dreams of finding remote work from home for women in India.

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21. Freelance translator jobs

As a freelance translator, you’ll be required to translate a document from one language into another. You can choose to translate from languages that you’re fluent in, like Spanish, French, Arab, Hindi, German, or any other language, to or from English.

Some freelance translation services like Rev.com offer jobs for transcriptionists, captioners, and translators. You can work to transcribe audio and video, add captions and subtitles, and translate documents.

Freelance translator jobs on websites like Hiresine.com pay from $10 to $30 per page of 1200 words if you have excellent language skills. You’ll also be expected to have some experience in project management, an interest in learning new skills, and a stable home-office environment.

Some online translation agencies require you to pass a test, after which they start emailing you job offers for online jobs from home. You can accept or reject them, with no obligations.

There are many more online part-time jobs and freelance jobs that we haven’t listed here, such as freelance data entry jobs and typing jobs, because they are not as high-paying and it’s often hard to tell the legitimate jobs from the scams.

7 Tips To Succeed In Your Freelancing Career

Here are some freelancing tips from our career coach, Monica Majithia, to find freelance jobs at home and become a highly-paid freelancer in India.

1. Don’t quit your day job

Keeping your current job while you begin freelancing may require you to invest time and energy as it takes time to build up a reputation to get regular clients and your portfolio may not be strong enough.

But freelancing full-time can cause financial insecurity. Freelancing alongside a day job will require good time management skills and prioritizing and scheduling very efficiently.

It will require hard work and even irregular hours at least initially, but it can be done and once you make a steady income from freelancing, you could consider quitting your day job.

If you’re unable to put in this effort or if you value stability over freedom, then you should consider freelancing as a side hustle.

2. Invest time and effort

Freelancing is a flexible work option that can be done according to your schedule, but building a full-time freelance career requires patience, planning and hard work.

It can be a struggle to get and keep clients initially but if you’re able to deliver effectively and build a reputation over time, it can provide more room for flexibility and increased income.

The ability to promote yourself, forge connections with clients, and build a good network are the key to becoming a full-time freelancer. You will need to put in the long hours and have the commitment to do this, however.

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3. Learn how to meet client deliverables

As a freelancer, you do need to meet client deliverables in terms of time and output. Getting your first client or project is the tough part. Work on your skills and network to get more freelance opportunities.

Initially, you can take up any work related to your area of expertise and as you build experience and confidence, you can focus on the work you enjoy doing.

4. Learn how to find freelance gigs

Determine what you are good at and sign up on freelance job sites. Set up your profile to showcase your qualifications, skills and personality. Share samples of your work on professional networking sites to get noticed. You can link this to your bio, resume, or portfolio.

Build a body of work and an online presence and post regularly through your social media handles. You can do pro bono work to get the right break. Check online job listings to look for clients looking to hire for the jobs you want.

Many gig websites post new projects and assignments in different categories every day. Subscribe to email alerts for freelance jobs you want to work on and apply or bid for them.

5. Decide on your freelance rates

You can work full-time, part-time, or on a project basis, as a side gig or even for other freelance business owners. You can charge the market rates on an hourly basis, per-project basis or retainer basis.

Create packages for your services according to prevailing market rates as clients will be looking to negotiate on prices. Join freelance communities to stay updated on the requirements in your area of expertise.

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6. Build a personal brand to charge premium rates

If you want to charge premium rates, you need to build a personal brand and create a portfolio that showcases the quality of your work.

The ability to charge higher rates than other freelancers depend on the area of your work, the competition out there and the quality of your work. The bottom line is to know your worth and offer quality services.

The key is to convince the client of the value they are getting through your work. This perception will be based on the price you demand and the extra services and support you can provide.

If you can develop a USP and demonstrate the demand for your services, you will be a much sought-after freelancer. It helps to have a website or blog and to advertise your services through social media.

To attract premium clients you need to package your services in a way that attracts clients willing to pay top dollar and keep away the freeloaders and ones who negotiate.

7. Keep reskilling and upskilling to say competitive

Within the next few years, most people in the workforce will have to go through some form of reskilling or upskilling. Watch the video below to know the most in-demand skills for the future and what are the best freelance skills to learn for success.

The SHEROES platform also provides legitimate remote jobs for women returning to work. If you’re restarting a career after a break, you can get remote jobs in various roles, including customer service, sales and lead generation, content creation, travel, remote sales jobs in the insurance industry and more.

If you’re looking for genuine online jobs for women and are open to working remotely, download the SHEROES app for women and check out the work-from-home opportunities offered.

Whether you work as a solo freelancer or start your own freelance agency, I hope you found this list of the highest-paying freelance jobs from home useful in choosing a remote or freelance career.

About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. For more information, read our disclosure.

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