6 Easy Office Hairstyles For Long Hair

6 Easy Office Hairstyles For Long Hair
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Having a bad hair day and have to rush to work? This list of office hairstyles for long hair will help you get ahead of those bad hair days or when you’re in a big hurry.

Wake up early, get ready quickly and head to the office on time. This is the normal routine every office-going woman must be following.

Even after such a rush and all the stress we have in our life, it is important to maintain our looks and take care of ourselves as well. Take a deep breath while you are in such a hurry and don’t forget to smile when you go out.

It’s never a bad idea to get some quick tips and tricks for those moments when you have to look good in a limited amount of time.

6 Easy Office Hairstyles For Long Hair

Your hairstyle plays an important role in completing your look. We all go through those days on which our hair feels super oily and we don’t have time to get them washed or to get a blow-dry.

Here’s a list of hairstyles you can choose on those bad hair days or when you’re in a big hurry. Trust me you don’t have to compromise with your style quotient after trying these super quick hairstyles.

1. The Messy Bun

With the arrival of summer, learning how to do an updo is a good thing, and if it makes you even more stylish why not give it a try?

A bun always works well when you are in a hurry and can be a saviour on a bad hair day. The steps involved in making a messy bun that will give you a Boho chic look is as follows:

  • Make a high or low ponytail as per your styling and the look you want to create. Do not worry about the strands being not-so-sleek as it’s a messy look and you don’t have to be pretty neat.
  • Divide the ponytail into three sections and start backcombing. Backcombing is something that will give a dramatic volume to your bun. Start making round knots from the three sections one by one and secure it with a bobby pin.


Source: Youblush

  • Take off the strands around your ears a little bit to create more a messy look and voila, you are ready to go within minutes.

2. The Messy Side Dutch Braid

I’m crazy about braids. From fishtail to French, every look created around braids is my absolute favourite so far. There are so many looks to try from, and here I’m going to describe one messy, side Dutch braid, which is quite trendy these days.

But for this hairstyle, you need a little bit of practice, concentration and patience. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Part your hairs from the side you prefer. Part most of the hair to one side.
  • Divide the hair into three sections and start braiding like your normal braid from the front of your forehead but the twist with the Dutch braid is that you have to braid it in reverse order of your normal braid. You have to start with the back section first taking it downwards and then bring the front section again from downwards to get a Dutch braid.


Source: Breakfastvogueblog

  • Take small sections from the front and the back sections of your braid like you do a French braid and keep braiding in the same order till you reach your ear.
  • After reaching your ear stop taking the sections and complete your Dutch braid and end it after securing a clear elastic.
  • Tug the sections of your braid apart to loosen things up.
  • Be careful as you don’t want to pull all your hair from the braid.
  • Loosen up it more to give it a voluminous look and Tada! You have your perfect side Dutch braid.


Source: Pinterest

3. Twist Back Hairstyle

If you want to add a little twist to your hair without even spending minutes then this can be the perfect style for you to pick. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Part your hair way more than you usually do.
  • Take two sections of your hair from one side of the parted hair.
  • Cross one over others and keep adding little strands from the front section in a periodic order.
  • Keep adding the twist diagonally until you reach the back of your head and there secure it with a tic tac clip.


Source: Gallerily

  • Do the same for the other section as well and you will get your desired look.

4. The High Ponytail

A ponytail will never let you down in your office look, but making a high ponytail is not an easy task for everyone. Listed below are the steps involved in achieving a high ponytail with greater volume.

  • The first step is to curl your hair so as to achieve a voluminous ponytail. But you can totally skip this step if you don’t have enough time to do so. Even backcombing will give you pretty much the desired result.
  • Take the upper section of your hair and tie them to form a little ponytail and secure it with elastic.
  • Now make one more pony with the bottom section of hairs like a normal pony and secure it too with elastic.


Source: Pinterest

  • Add the two ponytails together with a single elastic to make it one. The top section is teased up a little to add some extra volume.
  • This double layer ponytail will not only give your ponytail a new look by adding the extra effects visually, but it is easy to do and saves a lot of time.

Try this super beneficial ponytail trick to raise the style levels in your office.

5. Sleek Vixen Ponytail

This extremely versatile look can raise your style quotient at the office in just a few minutes. Follow the easy steps stated below to learn about this hairstyle:


Source: Divatessutilus

  • Move your hair at one part of your head and secure it with two or three bobby pins in a straight line along the centre. The bobby pins should also be aligned in a straight manner so to give it a clean look.
  • Twist the hair from the opposite part of your head and secure it too with your bobby pins.
  • Use extra bobby pins to secure it properly so as it will not loosen up after some time and will remain intact throughout the day.

6. Twice-Twisted Bun

Who doesn’t love a nicely done updo and a bun that adds much elegance to your look in the office and gives you an instant professional look? There are so many ways of making a sophisticated bun.

Read the steps below to know one more kind of bun which will lift up your look overall:

  • Separate your hair from the middle of the back of your head into two.
  • Make two ponytails out of these two parts and secure them with a clear elastic.
  • Twist both the ponytails till the end and roll them together to get a twice-twisted bun.
  • Combine them together to make one carefully and don’t forget to secure it with bobby pins afterwards.
  • You can also add some accessories over your bun to give it a stylish look.


Source: Lovielimes

Do try each of the hairstyles mentioned here and give yourself a new look every day in your office.

About the author:

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