Eco-Friendly Hair Removal: Which Method Is Best For You And The Planet?

Eco-Friendly Hair Removal: Which Method Is Best For You And The Planet?
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Eco-friendly hair removal is good for you and the planet. Choose from laser hair removal, shaving, waxing and sugaring in this article on female hair removal.

Everything we do to keep ourselves looking presentable has an impact on the environment, including hair removal from our bodies.

Your task is to select the right one, and because it’s important not to create waste and avoid harmful chemicals, the most eco-friendly hair removal method.

If you’re bothered by unsightly hair on your legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area, you’ll find many hair removal methods available.

Before making a decision, you’ll need to research the hair removal treatment options available, and answer a few questions about your own preferences.

Which Area Do You Want To Treat?

The area of the body you want hair-free will determine the method of hair removal you select. Is the unwanted hair on your face or elsewhere?

You’ll need to narrow it down even more. Do you want hair removed from your arms, legs, eyebrows, back, chest, pubic area, knuckles or where?

When you’re clear about which precise area of the body you want to focus on, next you’ll need to determine whether your hair problem is hereditary. Some people are simply more prone to grow darker, coarser hair.

If that’s in your genetic makeup, no amount of treatment is going to completely solve your situation. You’ll have to settle for reducing the hair rather than permanent hair removal.



How Much Can You Afford To Spend?

The next step is to determine your budget. It’s important to be clear how much you can afford to spend on hair removal because that will eliminate some methods.

Also, be aware that most methods will require multiple treatments at various intervals. Costs for hair removal treatments can range from a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars per treatment.

On average 5 or more treatments are required to do the job. Your goal is to decide whether you can afford it, and, if so, whether it will be the best use of your money.

How Much Pain Can You Tolerate?

Next, assess your level of pain tolerance because your selection of hair removal methods will depend in part on how much pain you can handle. Also, find out how your skin reacts to a specific hair removal method.

For instance, I find waxing unbearable, not just because of the pain, but also because it causes inflammation in my sensitive skin. Whenever I opt for waxing, I make sure they have ice to apply immediately afterwards.

Waxing and electrolysis are considered the most painful hair removal methods, so if you can’t tolerate pain, these methods will not do. However, many people are willing to tolerate temporary pain in exchange for the benefits.

Laser Hair Removal

Temporary Or Permanent Hair Removal Methods?

The last decision is to choose whether you want a permanent or a temporary hair removal method. Be aware that most methods are, unfortunately, temporary.

To permanently stop hair growth you must destroy the hair germination structure within the hair follicle and to date, electrolysis is the only method that has been proven to achieve this goal.

Laser hair removal comes close, but it’s only effective on dark hairs. These two methods are the most expensive hair removal methods, and although they use electricity, they generate minimal waste.

Because they are semi-permanent, they are also the most eco-friendly hair removal methods because you won’t need to do them again for a very long time.

However, if they are too expensive for you, a temporary method may be your only option. Also, make sure you’re undergoing the hair removal treatment because you want to. Don’t let somebody else pressure you into this.

Eco-Friendly Shaving Tips

In the old days, when there were only environmentally-friendly razors, called safety razors, and no single-use, disposable plastic razors available, shaving was one of the most eco-friendly hairs removal methods.

Do you prefer shaving to wax as a method of hair removal? Except for the waste created by shaving cream and disposable razor blades, it didn’t require many resources and was also very convenient.

Today, it’s one task that most women hate to deal with as it takes a significant amount of time and effort. Also, the hair comes back much sooner and it’s coarse and scratchy to the touch, hence it is not suitable for removing facial hair in women.

Shaving today is not an eco-friendly hair removal method if you use cheap shaving equipment made of plastic. So unless you use eco-friendly razors or old-fashioned safety razors and eco-friendly shaving cream, shaving is not really an eco-friendly hair removal method.

The TWC Bamboo Razor offers a pain-free hair removal alternative from waxing and can be used on any external region of your body – arms, legs, underarms and external bikini area.

It has a grade-5, bacteria and rust-resistant stainless steel head and comes with 10 blades. Unlike disposable plastic razors that end up in a landfill it is built to last (and save you money).

The TWC Bamboo Razor is ergonomically designed for smooth hair removal to give you the smoothest shaving experience with fewer nicks and cuts and is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling super soft.

This natural, sustainable, eco-friendly razor provides the ease of close and smooth hair removal, along with a natural bamboo handle, to ensure a pain-free experience. Women also love the cute little cloth bag it comes with to store it and keep it clean.

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Eco-friendly Bamboo Razor

When using a safety razor, don’t rush the process as you may not be used to this shaving equipment. You’ll have a smoother shave with fewer nicks and rashes if you shave slowly.

The more time and effort you take, the better your shave will be. So, try to slow it down a bit. Saving your shaving routine for last when in the shower is also a good idea.

By allowing your hair to soften from washing and the heat of the water, you will find shaving to be more soothing than stressful.

Also never leave shaved legs dry and without moisture. Apply an organic aloe vera lotion to the shaved parts of your body to prevent inflammation and heal any nicks and cuts.

Bikini Hair Removal

Bikini Hair Removal Tips

Shaving your bikini area when you go swimming can be difficult as the bikini area is the most sensitive area and there’s nothing worse than getting a bikini burn from shaving.

Sanfe Bikini Hair Removal Cream, enriched with blueberry extract and grapeseed oil, is perfect for your sensitive intimate area. The easy application gives you long-lasting soft and supple skin while antioxidants give you protection from free radicals, and reduce ageing, dark spots and patches.

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bikini hair removal cream

Some women prefer to get the area waxed, like a friend of mine who swears by bikini waxing services in Johns Creek. But, if you prefer shaving, you can prevent bikini burn by following the tips below:

  • Prepare Your Skin

Prepare your skin by lathering the bikini area with a deep moisturizing lotion the night before. This will help soften the hairs while you sleep. When you wake in the morning, the hairs will be much easier to shave.

  • Wash Your Body First

Once you get into the shower or bath, don’t let shaving be the first task on your list. Go ahead and wash your body and hair before picking up the non-disposable razor. If you allow the bikini area hair to soften with the water and heat, you’ll get a smoother shave.

  • Use Hair Conditioner To Soften The Hairs

If you’re in a hurry, consider putting hair conditioner on the area for at least two minutes before you begin shaving. This will give the area a bit of moisture which is better than none.

  • Choose a Safety Razor For Women

Using a non-disposable, eco-friendly, safety razor for women will not only give you a smooth shave but also be better for the environment than using a disposable razor.

Make sure your reusable razor is clean and sharp. You can easily get a bikini burn if you shave with a dull razor.

  • Use A Women’s Shaving Cream

Don’t use soap to lather the area as it will dry out your skin. Instead, you can use an eco-friendly shaving cream made for women or an organic, cruelty-free shaving cream made for sensitive areas.

  • Apply Organic Aloe Vera Gel To Shaved Skin

There are many after-shave gels available in the market, but I believe in using organic, cruelty-free cosmetics, and find it’s best to apply an organic aloe vera gel on shaved areas. It will prevent inflammation and promote rapid healing of any kicks and cuts.

  • Avoid Exposure To Chemicals Afterwards

Try not to go into a pool or the ocean for a few hours after you shave. This will allow the area to heal before you expose it to salty water or chemicals. If you must go in the water, be sure to moisturize after you get out.

female facial hair removal

Female Facial Hair Removal Tips

Female facial hair can be embarrassing. It often appears first during puberty and then gets darker and coarser after the age of thirty-five, when facial hair removal becomes an important issue.

Most female facial hair appears over the lip and on the chin, but many females have unwanted hair on their jaw, cheeks and neck. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to finesse female facial hair removal.

First and foremost, a female should determine the underlying cause of her facial hair before deciding on a removal method.

Females who are pregnant or nursing often notice an increase in facial hair. They should speak with their doctor before using any hair removal method that uses energy, chemicals or drugs.

Females who have high levels of androgens, (a steroid hormone, such as testosterone or androsterone, that controls the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics), creating facial hair may obtain prescription oral medications from a medical specialist.

Tweezing is probably the method most often used to remove female facial hair. But while it’s okay to use tweezers for eyebrows and moustache hairs, it really isn’t suitable for other female facial hair.

Tweezing can be painful and time-consuming usually needing to be done on a daily basis, and over time, tweezing can damage the skin. However, it is one of the most eco-friendly ways of female facial hair removal.

Some females believe they can conceal their facial hair by bleaching it, but then, under makeup and in bright light their face looks, “furry”.

One can remove unwanted female facial hair with a hair removal cream or lotion known as a depilatory. But don’t be surprised if you get pimples or a rash as a reaction to the harsh chemicals.

Topical creams for female facial hair removal, available only by prescription, inhibit the growth of new hairs for about 50% of the females who have used one.

Shaving with a wet razor is not recommended as a female facial hair removal method because hairs grow back very quickly and the stubble appears thicker and darker.

A facial wax is a clean, fast and easy method for removing female facial hair for up to 6 weeks. But, many experience swelling and redness in reaction to the hairs being literally yanked out.

Electrolysis is an unpleasant form of female facial hair removal because it involves inserting a needle into the follicle, (the skin depression from which the hair emerges), of each individual hair, which can cause swelling, redness, pinpoint scabbing and even scarring.

Electrolysis also requires anaesthesia, is expensive and needs to be done regularly for 1 or 2 years to achieve final results.

Laser treatments for female facial hair removal can provide results within six to eight treatments – If you can afford the hefty cost. Because laser hair removal involves a hot laser light, “zapping”, the hair follicles, these treatments require the use of a topical anaesthetic.

Waxing Vs Sugaring

Body Sugaring Vs Waxing

What is sugaring? It is similar to waxing and is often confused with it because both processes use sugar-based wax.

Body sugaring hair removal is a non-permanent, but inexpensive eco-friendly hair removal method that uses an organic, biodegradable paste made from sugar, lemon juice, and water.

Sugaring at home originated in the Middle East and was used as a traditional and easy way to remove unwanted hair. Unlike waxing, it doesn’t require the use of cloth strips or hot wax and tends to hurt less than waxing as it pulls on the skin less than waxing.

As a natural hair removal method, body sugaring is great for sensitive skin, and the skin grows back more slowly than with waxing. If you apply an organic hair retardant cream after hair removal, you can slow down the growth even more.

Want to learn how to make wax at home with sugar and lemon? Watch this DIY sugar wax video and learn how to make sugar wax using sugar, lemon juice and water.


Other eco-friendly hair removal options include organic hair removal creams, depilatory ubtans traditionally used in India for hair removal, and waxing and thanaka powders.

Prefer to get waxing or hair removal done by a professional beautician at home? Download a safe salon at-home app and book an appointment for at-home beauty services.

I hope this list of all-natural hair removal methods will help you choose an eco-friendly hair removal option that works for you.

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Eco-Friendly Hair Removal

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