5 Top Hair Care Tips For Mature Women

5 Top Hair Care Tips For Mature Women
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Our hair changes with age. Learn what age could mean for your hair, and get hair care tips for mature women so you can take better care of every strand.

Whether we realise it or not, our hair is a huge part of how we look and can even affect how we feel about ourselves. Ageing is an emotional process, and as our hair changes with age, it’s easy to see why caring for it to promote healthy, strong hair for longer is so important.

From changes in colour to loss of volume, we can see a number of different changes as we age and while everything from a simple hair dye to the assistance of a hair transplant specialist can help us reverse certain changes, we should be prepared for those we can’t prevent but taking good care of healthy locks is a must regardless.

To find out more about just what age could mean for your hair, and how you can take better care of every strand, read on below.

What Does Age Do To Our Hair?

While hair loss and colour changes are fairly commonly recognised effects of ageing, there are other things that could have to face as the years pass by.

From finer strands that grow much more slowly, to changes in overall texture and a dull look, here are some of the most common, but lesser-known effects, ageing could have on our hair:

  • Hair loss

Hair loss is a fear for many women, and while some of us could bypass the entire ageing process with a thick head of hair, it isn’t the likely outcome. Thinning hair through hair loss is common, simply because it becomes more brittle and breakable with time.

It can have us reaching for the styling equipment to try and work around the lack of volume we might be experiencing or researching the nearest hair transplant clinic if things get particularly thin on top, but you should never feel any shame in hair loss.

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  • Colour change

As much as we might try and deny it, our hair goes grey with age. Our melatonin levels reduce as we grow older, which results in colourless and lifeless hair and for some of us, this can, unfortunately, kick in early.

In the case of premature greying, it tends to be a genetic issue, however, stress, unhealthy diets, lack of sleep, illness and extreme lifestyles can also have an effect on how fast we ‘go grey’.

  • It becomes finer

If you were born with thick, dark hair, then your hair growing finer could show far more than if your hair was thinner from the beginning. Hair gradually begins to grow more finely, making your overall look thinner and feel lighter.

  • It can break easily

As hair loses protein, it becomes more breakable as it loses strength. Keratin protein is what makes our hair able to withstand being tied up, pulled and tossed about, but as these lower, as we grow older, our hair can become much weaker and breaks much more easily.

  • Slow growth

The growth rate of your hair, just like your growth rate overall, will slow down as you age. Due to the weakened state of the strands, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to grow it as long as you may have once been able to and could result in thinner-looking hair.

  • It could change texture

As protein and nutrient levels change, the texture of your hair could change too. Dead straight hair could start frizzing up, curly hair could go straight, and hair that was once soft without fail could become coarse and difficult to manage.

Grey hair is naturally coarser due to the lower melanin levels, so ensuring that you’re taking good care of it could make it far more manageable.

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5 Top Hair Care Tips For Mature Women

So, we’ve mentioned that you should be taking care of your hair a lot, but how exactly should you go about that?

Your regular hair care routine might not cut it anymore, and finding a new one could seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. However, as long as you take the following hair care tips into account, it could be far more manageable than you think.

1. Keep it nourished

Moisture-rich, nourished hair is always going to be easier to handle than coarse strands, but more importantly, nourished hair is healthy hair.

While regular hair treatments are recommended for easier upkeep, picking out products dedicated to replenishing moisture in your hair can be a great way to bridge the gap between appointments and keep everything in a much healthier condition.

Glowpink Onion Hair Oil is a one-stop solution for complete hair treatment. Massaging it on the scalp induce faster hair growth. It also prevents hair fall, cleanses the scalp, repairs damage and promotes healthy hair growth.

Onion hair oil is excellent when it comes to cleansing the scalp and keeping the follicles healthy. It provides sulfur to the scalp, promotes healthy hair and prevents hair fall and has anti-fungal properties that treat and prevent dandruff.

Glowpink Argan Oil Shampoo hydrates your scalp, cleanses impurities, and improves hair texture making it silky, soft and smooth. It also has a natural DHT blocker to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth.

Argan Oil is rich in linoleic, oleic acid, and palmitic acid and adds a protective layer to your hair preventing damage from chemicals as well as heat. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent scalp and hair damage as well as anti-fungal properties that treat infections.

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2. Keep it short or well-trimmed

With hair, that’s easily breakable or that is thinning out, keeping your hair shorter can actually make things look much thicker and much healthier. As our hair begins to deteriorate in health, it can become thin and wispy at the ends, but with regular haircuts, this can be avoided.

If you want to keep your hair longer, regular trimming can help you avoid this issue too, but make sure that you follow the rest of the steps here to ensure it stays healthy and strong.

3. Protect weaker hair

If your hair is naturally weak and none of the strengthening products seems to be working, it could be time to break out protective measures.

Heat-protection sprays can keep your hair from being damaged while blow-drying or styling, while certain oils, mousses and moisturisers are designed especially for protecting your hair against whatever the world wants to throw at it!

4. Experiment with styling

While it’s advisable that you avoid hairdryers, curling irons or straighteners due to the intense heat and the potential for damage, experimenting with your style could help you disguise or limit how thin your hair may look and ultimately increase your confidence.

Mild volumising serums could give a new lease of life to your hair, so you can put away the hair ties and leave it down and feel confident in how you look!

Why not try styling your hair towards your face rather than away from it? Or vice versa! Giving yourself a new look overall will not only help you improve confidence but keeping your hair moving can prevent it from going flat and stiff over time.

5. Be careful with colouring

Greying hair can be an uncomfortable point for anyone, and reaching for the nearest box dye is an understandable reaction. However, you need to be careful with what you put on your hair if you want to keep it strong and healthy.

Box dyes are notoriously bad for your hair, and while this often isn’t an issue for women with strong, healthy hair, as we age we need to take every care to keep our hair away from harm.

If you really want to dye your hair to disguise the greys, try Iba’s henna-based natural hair colour that cares for your hair. The ammonia-free formula with pure henna hair conditioning does not damage the hair and scalp or cause hair loss.

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iba henna based natural hair colour

As we age, our hair will change and coming to terms with these changes is often where we can struggle. From thinning locks to changes in colour, our overall look changes as our hair does and it can be sometimes difficult to come to terms with.

However, with the right care for your hair, you can keep it strong, healthy and easier to manage than you might think. Have any hair care tips of your own to share? Post them in the comments below and on the SHEROES app for women.

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