Furthering Your Education: Advantages Of Being A Life-Long Learner

Furthering Your Education: Advantages Of Being A Life-Long Learner
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Learn the benefits of furthering your education and being a life-long learner, whether for better career prospects or new opportunities.

If you’re finding your life has come to a bit of a standstill, you need to think about what you can do to help improve it.

Whether it’s a standstill in your education, your career, your personal life or your overall happiness – there are lots of different ways you can help make yourself feel better.

While we’d love to cover everything in this post, we just don’t have the time. Instead, we’ll focus on what are the benefits of education and how you can improve your education level.

Whether you’ve been to university or you’ve not been back to school since your last exams, there are so many adult education courses available that you’ll definitely find an option that’s right for you.

With that in mind, here is a complete guide to furthering your education and becoming a life-long learner.

What Does Furthering Your Education Mean?

For those that have never come across the term, furthering your education basically does what it says on the tin.

If you’re looking to improve your knowledge or learn a new skill, you will need to go further your education in one way or another.

Whether it’s taking a course or going back to University for your Master’s – becoming a life-long learner is definitely an incredible journey to take.

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Who Should Further Their Education?

To put it simply, absolutely anyone can further their education. Whether you’ve not studied for years or you’re fresh out of university, the option to continue studying and learning are not restrictive.

Ideally suited to those that are looking to better themselves and the skills that they have, it really is open to everyone. For a guide on who should further their education, you can visit this site here.

Why Should I Further My Education?

Although the importance of education in our life, as well as the reasons why you should be furthering your education, maybe obvious to most people, others may need a little more convincing.

For those that need a few reasons why education is important, here are five advantages of education that will help you decide if you want to consider furthering your education.

1. Improve your career prospects

Firstly, one of the best reasons to further your education is the career prospects it can open up for you.

Whether you know your dream job requires a certain level of education or your employees has asked you to improve your skills – improving your knowledge could lead to a much better career.

Not only does adult education lead to a better job position, but it also means your earning potential increases too. What more could you want?

2. Learn a new skill

If you’re not furthering your education to increase your earning potential and your career prospects, learning a new skill is also a pretty incredible feeling.

Throughout your life, you should always be striving to learn something new every single day, but becoming an expert in something is an incredible feeling.

Common skills you can learn include communication skills, social media skills, arts and crafts skills, performing arts skills and fitness skills. What would you learn?

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3. Open up to opportunities

Although learning a new skill and furthering your education could lead to a higher paid job, it can also lead to some incredible opportunities.

Whether it’s giving you the opportunity to travel or allowing you to meet new people that become lifelong friends, the opportunities for lifelong learning skills are endless.

4. Start your own business

If you’re thinking of starting your own business then improving your education could be the final step you need to take.

Whilst you may have an incredible idea and a business mindset, having the knowledge could give you exactly what you need to run an incredibly successful business.

Whilst you may not need a degree in order to do this, there are lots of business courses that can teach you the ins and out of running your own business. From finances to marketing to writing a business plan, you want to be sure you know it all.

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5. Improve your quality of life

Having a better education will not only do wonders for your quality of life, but a study from Harvard Medical School and Harvard University found that people with more than a high school diploma can expect to live up to seven years longer than their less-educated counterparts.

Whether it’s improving the work that you do or opening up new doors and opportunities, it will definitely lead to you feeling much happier with yourself and your life. When it comes to something you’re doing every single day, you need to ensure it brings you joy.

Think about whether or not you can see yourself in the industry for years to come and if not, consider furthering your education in a new and exciting area of interest.

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6 Incredible Ways To Further Your Education

Now that you know you definitely want to further your education, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do it. To help, here are 6 incredible ways to get started:

1. Taking an accredited course online

If you’re in an industry where there is an accredited governing body, the likelihood is that they’ll offer courses that you can take alongside your career. This will be something you can do yourself at home, but you may find that the competitive exams are set for specific dates.

Having an accredited course to showcase on your resume will show that you have the appropriate qualifications to be considered a qualified professional in your industry.

Whether you’re in marketing in health and social care, the best way to find these courses is to either speak to your manager or Google what your governing body is. If you don’t find they have courses, there may be free online courses with certificates from top universities you can take.

2. Specialise in a field of study

Whether you’ve just finished university or you’ve been graduated for years, going back to specialise in a field of study or get an advanced degree is a great adult learning initiative. If this is not an affordable option, you can even study online for free and become an expert in your field.

With in-depth studies, practical assessments and time spent in the industry – you really do get a full understanding of the industry you’re studying. For more information on starting your advanced degree and the funding that may be available to you, you can visit this guide here.

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3. Complete your Master’s degree online

If you want to further your education with a degree but you don’t want to uproot your life to move to a new city, there are Master’s degrees and courses you can take online. Not only does it mean you don’t have to move, but it also means that you can take the course at your own pace.

Again, the exams may be on a schedule but the course material will be available to read at your own pace. Online education is ideal for those that want to stay in full-time work as they study, you really do get the best of both worlds.

For more information on furthering your education with a degree no matter what subject – whether it be marketing or counselling – you can visit online Master’s school counselling here.

4. Take a local class or workshop

If your idea of studying doesn’t involve going back to school, there are lots of local classes and workshops you can attend that make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

While University is an incredible experience, classes and workshops can have a much more relaxed feel. Whilst you may not come away with a qualification, you will come away having learnt an incredible new skill. For tips and tricks to find classes near you, you can visit this site here.

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5. Attend industry events & conferences

If you ware wanting to learn more about the industry you’re in, or you want to improve a certain aspect of your business, attending industry events and conferences are a great place to start.

Most conferences will have professional speakers sharing their expertise and if you want to learn from the best, this may be your greatest possible opportunity. Entrance to these kinds of events doesn’t come cheap, but it is definitely worth it for those that want to step up their game.

Industry events are a little different to conferences as they don’t necessarily have back to back workshops and sessions, but they may have the occasional speaker session you can attend. While these will be much cheaper in price, the value you take away will be considerably lower.

6. Hire a coach or mentor

Finally, one of the most effective approaches you can have to further your knowledge on a subject is to hire yourself a coach or a mentor.

They will personally be able to tailor your study program to you, helping you learn the skills you need in order to achieve your goals. Whether it’s furthering your business or landing that dream job, a mentor will definitely help you get there.

If you’re having concerns about hiring a coach due to their high costs, you may want to consider joining memberships or a support group online. They will cost a lot less than 1-to-1 support, but you will receive similar advice.

While you won’t come out with a qualification from either of these options, you will be learning something new every single day – something you can’t put a price on in a business.

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So are you considering furthering your education? What benefits could it bring to you? What route will you take in your quest to learn for life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Furthering Your Education Advantages Of Being A Life-Long Learner

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