How To Become A Social Media Manager

How To Become A Social Media Manager

Social media management is more than just looking after the social media handles of a business. It’s a highly complicated, multi-faceted role that helps businesses continually achieve higher goals.

You can think of a social media manager as a standup comedian who needs to quickly understand the audience and engage them in a way they enjoy and respond to. You will have to constantly adapt to the audience and the environment while doing what you do best in real-time.

A social media manager will essentially be responsible for managing the brand’s social marketing and advertising while offering planning, goal setting, managing online reputation, increase brand awareness, content development, SEO and cultivate leads and consequent sales.

What Does a Social Media Manager Make?

Social Media Manager’s Salary In India

According to Payscale.com, a Social Media Manager in India takes home an average salary of INR 328,300 annually. However, senior managers in top companies with more than 10 years of experience can hope to earn as much as INR 700,000 every year.

Social Media Manager Entry Level Salary

Entry level social media managers with little or no experience can hope to earn an average remuneration of INR 306,059 annually. These are generally freshers or have switched from other digital marketing roles.

The salary is commensurate with experience, especially in social media optimization. Entry level managers with vast related experience can, however, expect to earn as much as INR 600,000 per year.

What a Social Media Manager Does

Social Media Manager Job Description

Dara Fontein defines the job of social media managers as professionals “who are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for a business’s social media sites. This might include blogging, creating social media profiles, managing regular posts and responding to followers”.

Apart from that, social media managers must also stay updated with industry trends to come up with new and cutting-edge marketing strategies that govern follower gains, lead generation, brand recognition and reputation management.

They will also be the ones responsible for continuously evaluating the success of the business’s marketing efforts and tweaking their marketing strategy as needed.

Duties of a Social Media Manager

When looking for the perfect candidate fitting the profile of a social media manager, recruiters across industry look out for these basic skills:

Graphic design:

Imagery integrated into articles and posts generate 94% more hits/views. A study from Wishpond says that Facebook posts with photos create 120% more engagement than those without.

For business and brands who are trying to target the millennia, it is very important that social media managers have the ability to conceptualize and design eye-catching images along with textual content. A good eye for design and basic image editing skills are always an advantage.

Writing aptitude:

While highly advanced writing skills aren’t necessary, the ideal candidate should have a good command over the language and more importantly, be able to express their ideas in writing.

99% of all the communication that a social media manager does will be in writing and s/he would also be responsible for becoming the voice for the brand.

Customer handling ability:

Social media managers would be the representatives of a business on social handles and will be the ones in direct interaction with the end users.

It’s not just about being witty and charming with your words (although that helps) but about understanding the requirements of a customer/user and responding ably to their queries.

Understanding of Content Marketing/SEO:

A social profile for a brand is also supposed to contribute to the SEO and content marketing for the brand. The ideal candidate should be able to work towards a bigger goal (optimization) while engaging the audience in a variety of social activities.

Experience in social advertising:

Candidates are expected, but not required, to have an understanding of how social advertising works.

Social ads come with their unique opportunities and challenges and are completely different from what we see on TV, newspapers or billboards. The social media manager should be able to learn how to utilize these social ads to create both engagement and leads.

Social Media Manager Interview Questions

The common questions asked in an interview for the post of a social media manager include:

  • How do you expect to help the company with social media management?
  • What skills do you bring to the table as far as social media is concerned?
  • On how many social media channels are you active and what are your follower counts?
  • Do you write your own blog, and if so, what kind of engagement do you receive?
  • How would you handle any kind of reputation crisis in social media?
  • What would be the first goal if you were selected for the job?
  • How would you tell a good story?

Social Media Manager Certifications

Free Social Media Marketing Training With Tai Lopez

How To Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency and Get Small Businesses To Hire You. Register for this course and learn how to convince business owners to hire you by showing them you know how to manage social media, even if you have zero experience (and no matter your age, geographical location, or background).

The courses below on Udemy will also help you get certified and also help you set up your own home business as a social media manager.

Social Media Management – The Complete 2018 Manager Bootcamp

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of business social media, marketing tactics, how to set social media goals, and most importantly, how to achieve them.
  • Set up your own freelance business. Set up a website, set your prices, find clients and set up each client with their own social media goals, payment terms and contract.
  • Recognise which social media platforms are best for each client and their social media goals.
  • Efficiently create and curate great content that gets results.
  • Create blog posts, images and videos.
  • Create monthly reports showing clients in detail how you are achieving their social media goals.

Become A Freelance Social Media Manager – Home Business

  • Start a freelance business as a social media manager
  • Find social media clients using several online and offline tactics
  • Successfully manage clients using the best tools and strategies
  • Organize your day so you’re always in control
  • Get paid on time for your expertise because you’re worth it

Social Media Manager Degrees

For most experts, social media marketing is a skill ‘learnt on the street’ and comes with experience. But there are also relevant certifications and degrees that should help your career. They include:

  1. Hootsuite Academy Certification
  2. Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Training Program And Certification
  3. Newhouse Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate
  4. Digital Vidya’s Social Media Marketing Certification
  5. Mediabistro Social Media Marketing Course
  6. Market Motive Social Media Marketing Training Course
  7. Rutgers Online Mini-MBA: Social Media Marketing
  8. UCLA Social Media Marketing
  9. OMI Social Media Marketing Certification

How to Work as a Social Media Manager from Home

There are several companies that hire freelancers to manage their social media handles. In fact, there are a lot of bloggers and photographers who play the role of social media managers for their own branding from home and on the move.

It’s just about spending strategic time on social media networks with the goal of achieving recognition and leads. But once you have decided on becoming a social media manager, you need to build your own following on social media so you can establish credibility as a social media professional.

As the article here says, “There are lots of so-called social media ‘experts’ out there with just a few hundred Twitter followers. How can you trust someone to build a large Twitter following for you when they can’t even do it for themselves?”

Make sure your bio and profiles are easy to find on Google search. You need to create an impressive online presence for yourself and have a good number of followers on most of the important social networks.

It helps if you have been using social media for a number of years so that you have an understanding of how the internet has grown and changed. You should also have a well-written and regularly updated blog with your own articles, so you can showcase your writing ability for potential employers.

If you’re looking for a work-from-home position, create a profile on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, where you can list your skills and get hired as a freelancer. As you build your reputation and get excellent reviews, you can bid for better and more lucrative projects.

We wish you good luck with your career as a social media manager.

How To Become A Social Media Manager



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