How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing And Find Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing And Find Digital Marketing Jobs
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Is digital marketing a good career in India? Get the skills you need to find a digital marketing job and learn how to start a career in digital marketing.

Have you ever asked the questions, “Is digital marketing a good career in India?” or “How to start a digital marketing career?” If you’re not sure of your job or career prospects after a digital marketing course, you should know that the future of a digital marketing career in India is bright.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is a skill that helps you connect with potential customers over the internet using various forms of digital communication over marketing channels such as email, social media, and online advertising, as well as text and multimedia messages.

This is why digital marketing is important

Is digital marketing the future? Today, every business needs a digital marketing strategy because it has superseded traditional marketing to become the best way to connect with your customers online.

Digital marketing helps to improve brand awareness, visibility, and reach. Many businesses used digital marketing for lead generation and sales online.

This is why digital marketing knowledge is now essential for all marketers, and why it is the right time to do a digital marketing course online.

What is the potential for digital marketing growth in India?

According to the statistics of digital marketing growth in India, this booming sector is expected to grow at 27% in 2020 to cross the 17,000 crores mark.

In 2020, India had around 700 million internet users, and the numbers are expected to grow to over 970 million users by 2025.

How can digital marketing help me take my business online?

Today, all businesses – even local businesses – need an online presence and a digital marketing strategy to connect with their customers online.

But, as a digital marketing strategist, you must first understand your customer journey, and how your customers engage with your business and purchase your products or services.

For instance, if you find that your customers are most active on mobile devices and prefer connecting on WhatsApp, then text messaging may be one of your primary channels to connect with them.

Every business is different. What works for another business may not work for you. You must figure out what works for your business and focus on the digital channels and content that give you the best return on investment.

Learn How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Career Advice

Join us on the SHEROES app for women where Priya Florence Shah, SHEROES Group Editor and Founder of Naaree discussed the growth of digital marketing careers and how to become a digital marketer.

Are digital marketing jobs in demand?

LinkedIn has listed the digital marketing specialist role as one of the top 10 most in-demand jobs in 2021, with SEO as one of the most desired skills. Because of digital transformation and the rise of ecommerce and remote work, more businesses are going online.

Consequently, hiring for digital marketing roles grew nearly 33% in 2020, and the demand for digital marketing professionals will continue to grow in 2021 and beyond.

Despite the job losses, layoffs, and lack of recruitment in some domains last year, digital marketing is one of the skills for which employers are willing to pay a premium. According to Glassdoor, the average digital marketing salary in India is ₹4,69,000/year.

With the increasing requirements for certified digital marketing professionals in the business world, this has become one of the hottest careers for young people in India. The best part about the digital marketing career path is that you can build your skills and capabilities and grow quickly.

So, what digital marketing skills are in demand? According to LinkedIn, these are currently the top 10 marketing jobs in highest demand:

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist
  2. Digital Account Executive
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Digital Marketing Manager
  5. Copywriter
  6. Marketing Associate
  7. Account Supervisor
  8. Marketing Assistant
  9. Digital Strategist
  10. Marketing Manager

If you want to get into a profession where you will be very likely to find a job in the next few years, you’ll find that digital marketing is one of the best career choices.

Can anyone do digital marketing? How can you learn digital marketing?

Whether you want to find a digital marketing job or use digital marketing to grow your business, anyone can start learning digital marketing – you don’t need a degree to start. Find out where to learn digital marketing free and even get free certification that you can put on your LinkedIn profile.

You need to have an overall understanding of all digital marketing topics and digital marketing terms before you can decide which digital marketing niches to focus on.

Doing free digital marketing courses will help you learn various aspects of digital marketing for beginners without buying expensive courses. Then you can choose a few niches that you really enjoy and focus on excelling in them.

For instance, some people are great at YouTube video creation while others are better at writing content. While you can learn to do both, it’s good to focus on the things that bring you joy, as that is what you need for long-term success.

The key to success in digital marketing is to start wide and go deep. Once you find a digital marketing process that you enjoy – such as content writing, SEO, or Google advertising – you could invest in a digital marketing degree to excel and become good at it.

“The key to success in digital marketing is to start wide and go deep.”

Ultimately, digital marketing is all about getting results for your clients, so focus on becoming good at one or two digital marketing techniques that will get you results, using skills that you really enjoy doing.

Building a personal brand will help you tide over the ups and downs in any career. One way to become well-known in the industry is to publish your digital marketing blogs and articles on prominent websites so that potential clients read your name and get to know who you are.

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Do I need a professional digital marketing course to get started?

Today there are teenagers who are YouTube and Instagram influencers. However, they specialise in a certain niche or channel and may not understand everything about digital media or marketing funnels unless they take a course or are motivated to learn about it themselves.

If you have a love of learning, you can learn digital marketing without a course, but you may miss out on the digital marketing basics that even a free course can teach you.

I always turn to experts and specialists to learn new things and I’ve done many digital marketing courses on specialised topics like Pinterest marketing and SEO that helped me take my skills and results to the next level.

“A professional digital marketing course can help you take your digital marketing skills and results to the next level.”

Do I need a degree to do a digital marketing course?

No, you don’t need a degree to learn digital marketing. However, if you want to get a full-time digital marketing job, you may want to have a graduate degree in any subject or a digital marketing degree, as 94% of hires have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

So, if you want to become a top marketer in a large digital marketing agency, I would recommend getting a Coursera digital marketing certificate or an online degree from an elite university.

If you don’t want to get a degree, you can become a freelance digital marketing specialist. But, if you’re freelancing, you need to be a specialist rather than a generalist.

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Does digital marketing require knowledge of coding?

No, doing digital marketing does not require coding, unless you want to specialize in website and UX/UI development or digital marketing applications where analytics, Big Data, machine learning and AI are required.

You don’t need to come from an IT background, but you do have to have a love for technology and learning new things as this is a fast-paced and ever-changing field.

There are many digital marketing jobs, such as content writing, that don’t require any coding expertise. But a basic knowledge of HTML is always a good skill to have, and if you have knowledge of coding, it can’t hurt.

How can I find remote digital marketing jobs for freshers?

The best way to start a career in digital marketing is to do a digital marketing online course. You can avoid paying digital marketing course fees by doing a digital marketing free course with certification.

The advantage of doing an online course is that you’ll learn how to use digital marketing tools and create an online marketing strategy for your employer or clients.

Because the one thing more important than becoming a certified digital marketing professional is putting your skills into action to get great results for your clients. This will give you confidence in finding remote digital marketing jobs for freshers.

Once you’ve completed your digital marketing training, you can get some work experience by applying for a digital marketing internship or social media marketing internship with a top digital marketing agency in India.

When you’re confident in your abilities, you can apply for full-time or part-time digital marketing fresher jobs. Or you could become a freelance digital marketing specialist and offer your digital marketing services to clients.

You can create a digital marketing resume for freshers with the easy resume builder in the Glow & Lovely Career Community on SHEROES and apply for digital marketing online jobs on the top job search websites.

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How can I become a freelance digital marketing specialist?

If you want to find freelance digital marketing jobs, you must know how to get proven results for your clients. To achieve this, you could apply for a paid or unpaid online internship with the best digital marketing company you can find.

This way, you’ll learn how digital marketing works and what sort of results you can achieve with big budgets. You’ll also get the chance to connect with top digital marketing experts in the workplace and be mentored by them.

You should also consider specializing in a digital marketing niche – whether it involves writing SEO-friendly content, Pinterest marketing, running Facebook ads or doing ecommerce PPC management.

If you’re active on Upwork and other gig websites, getting a freelance digital marketing manager gig can be difficult because of the stiff competition. However, there are some Upwork freelancing experts who offer actionable advice on breaking into this very competitive market.

If you decide to become a freelance digital marketing assistant (along the lines of a virtual assistant) and create digital marketing packages for your clients, remember that building personal connections and networking is very important for freelancers to get and keep clients.

One of the best ways to build connections with potential clients is to join Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and marketing forums where other entrepreneurs and digital marketing executives hang out.

Pay attention to the questions they ask and offer free advice to help solve their problems. If you feel they can help you connect to other clients, offer to do something for them free.

If they like your work, they will recommend you and your digital marketing services to others. Ask your former clients to write recommendations for you on LinkedIn and start building a personal brand.

What abilities are required for a successful digital marketing career?

Besides specializing in one or more aspects of digital marketing (e.g. SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content), here are some of the abilities you’ll need to become a digital marketing expert.

To the degree that you have these abilities, you can expect to achieve stupendous digital marketing career growth and successfully create results for your clients with your internet marketing services.

  1. Innovativeness

Innovativeness is an essential part of cleverly positioning a brand among its competitors. It’s also important in creative ideation and designing campaigns.

  1. Scientific temperament

Digital marketing requires testing and tracking. Analytics play a huge role in this field and scientific temperament is an asset that will put you head and shoulders above other marketers.

  1. Communication skills

Excellent communication skills, especially writing and correspondence, are critical to work as a distributed team. Without effective communication, you will not be able to achieve the results you desire or work as a remote team.

  1. A love of learning

As a digital marketing expert, you need to have a love of learning. You also need to a love of technology, as this field is constantly changing and this is one of the disciplines that require constant upskilling.

  1. Enthusiasm for digital media

Digital marketing experts who are truly enthusiastic about this field will, without a doubt, see more achievement and success coming their way. Passion for your work will take you much farther than if you merely see it as a job.

  1. Ability to multi-task

Most campaigns include juggling various digital media channels and tracking all sorts of analytics. Multitasking is another critical skill for any digital marketer to be able to handle the surplus of data and information coming your way.

  1. Comfortable with technology

Technology is a huge part of digital marketing, so a tech-savvy person is more likely to succeed in this field. If you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll at least have to be comfortable with technology. Of course, with technology becoming more intuitive and user-friendly every day, this may change.

  1. Willingness to experiment

Digital marketing is an evolving field. A lot of it is educated guesswork, so the willingness to experiment, fail, and try again is a huge asset in this field.

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5 tips to succeed in your digital marketing career

So how is digital marketing as a career? And how can you find digital marketing jobs from home? If you want to apply for online marketing jobs as a digital marketing executive, these tips will show you how to succeed in your digital marketing career.

  1. Be patient while learning your new skills

Even though you can get a digital marketing certification in a few months, as opposed to the years it takes to earn a formal degree, you need to be patient with yourself while learning your new digital marketing skills.

You’ll be absorbing a humongous amount of information and it takes time to be able to digest all of it and put it into practice.

  1. Be a life-long learner

Digital marketing requires constant learning since the web is a dynamic and ever-evolving medium. There are new updates, technologies and techniques being tried and tested all the time and you’ll have to learn to keep up with it.

Read the digital marketing news and expert blogs to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. Keep your digital marketing skills sharp and up to date by attending industry events, reading books, and doing courses by experts.

  1. Be a specialist, not a generalist

No digital marketing specialist is a ‘Jack of all trades.’ Every digital marketer worth their salt learns to specialize in one or more fields they have an affinity for.

You can choose from blogging as a career, content marketing, SEO/SEM, social media marketing, mobile marketing, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), digital marketing analytics and more.

Having a specialization in one or more aspects of digital marketing will help you position yourself and give you an edge over others in the field.

  1. Brand yourself online

Learning digital marketing is of no use unless you know how to leverage it to brand yourself and grow your own visibility, as well as your client’s business.

Starting a blog and writing about your digital marketing journey can help you apply your skills and learn the practical aspects of build an audience online. It will also help you get noticed as an expert in your field.

  1. Grow your network 

No one can succeed all by themself. We all stand on the shoulders of giants to reach new heights in our careers.

To succeed in your career in digital marketing, you need to connect with other digital marketing experts and build relationships with them, so you can collaborate with them and learn from them.

Although the best way to connect and build a relationship is face-to-face, at conferences and networking events, that is not possible during a pandemic.

But you can still network online, in Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and on internet marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum.

  1. Get lots of testimonials

At the end of the day, your success in any field depends on how well you apply your new skills to provide value to others.

If you manage to start your own digital marketing agency or social media agency, create a lot of happy clients, and get a bunch of testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations, you’re more likely to succeed.

It’s all about being proactive, getting work done, and demonstrating good outcomes to prove your abilities to your clients. Focus on your results and case studies and you’ll go far in your digital marketing work from home career.

I hope you enjoyed this digital marketing career guide and are seriously considering a digital marketing career path in India, whether as a full-time employee, a digital marketing consultant or a work-from-home option.

Did this article answer all your questions about digital marketing career growth? Here’s wishing you great success in your digital marketing career in India.

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