8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine

8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine
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How can you make your beauty routine more eco-friendly and sustainable? In this article, we list 8 beauty tips for a green beauty routine.

Consider this terrifying fact: we produce more than 200 million tons of plastic per year, and more than 7 million tons of it is floating around in seas and oceans.

You can make a difference in cleaning up Mother Earth by making changes in your beauty and skincare routine.

These beauty tips for girls will help you reconsider your choice of beauty products to make more environmentally-friendly choices.

8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine

Here are 8 green beauty tips to make your sustainable beauty routine ethical and eco-friendly.

1. Reduce Your Plastic Use

Most makeup products come with beautiful packaging, and we throw away all those bottles after you finish them. So how can you limit the amount of plastic you use and keep your beauty routine as plastic-free as possible?

If possible, say goodbye to single-use packaging and purchase a product refill. Buy a toothbrush with a bamboo handle. It is more eco-friendly and doesn’t cost much more than a plastic toothbrush.8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 1

Eliminate the use of plastic cotton swabs. To correct or remove makeup, it is better to choose cotton pads or napkins. Eco-makeup brushes are also worth the investment.8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 2

In 2018, the British government banned the sale of creams with synthetic microbeads made of polyethene and polypropylene. They are used in many face and body scrubs and in whitening toothpaste.

These microparticles of plastic wash into the water supply and enter rivers, seas, and oceans, where fish swallow them.

According to research by the University of Plymouth, a third of the fish caught in the United Kingdom contain plastic microparticles and there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

As a lot of these old products remain on the shelves, it is advisable to read the label carefully and avoid them. You can get good natural and organic scrubs made with natural products like papaya, apricot seeds and coconut peel.8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 3

2. Pay Attention To Ingredients

Beauty companies that care for the environment pay special attention to the ingredients they use in their products as harsh chemical ingredients do a great deal of harm to our planet and our bodies.

Toxic particles enter the lakes and oceans and become food for fish. The development of eco-friendly, sustainable cosmetics with natural components is a new level of sustainable beauty.

Organic, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals. Ethical makeup and cosmetic brands like Lush print the phrase, “Fighting Animal Testing” on their products. But cruelty-free products are not necessarily ethical.

As of January 2018, Lush no longer uses natural mica in the production of any products because their production promotes exploitative practices like child labour and is not safe for the planet. Other brands use such ingredients as aloe vera, pre-biotics and Phyto oils that are of plant origin.

To find out if your favourite brand is green, refer to the PETA website that contains an updated list of ethical brands. Eco-friendly cosmetics can also be certified by Natrue, Ecocert, ICEA, BDIH, etc.

For instance, Le Ritual plant-based skincare products offer a limited range of cruelty-free, vegan skincare products that contain only plant-sourced ingredients. All their products are gentle on the skin, pH-balanced and contain zero toxic chemicals.

If you want to get both these products in one package, you can purchase the Digital Detox Duo Collection which will help ameliorate the ill-effects of blue light coming from digital devices.

If you’re firmly against testing on animals and prefer vegan skincare brands that are sustainably sourced and responsibly manufactured in an Ecocert (FR) and Biogro (NZ) certified facility, Le Ritual is the plant-based skincare brand for you.

So how do you know if your organic lipstick is the real thing? Organic cosmetics should contain at least 95% natural ingredients that are grown in organic farms, in ecologically clean places without pesticides.

The process of growing and production is strictly controlled by the certifying authority. The use of harmful and potentially hazardous components (sulfates, silicones, parabens, and others) must be excluded in green makeup products.

The concentration of synthetic components and preservatives is strictly regulated and must not exceed the standards, and the packaging must be biodegradable.

The Sustainable Beauty Awards recognizes sustainable makeup and cosmetic companies pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry.

Every year they publish a list of finalists which gives a good idea of which sustainable cosmetics brands make the grade.

You can also choose from sustainable hair products, sustainable skincare, and other sustainable products showcased at events like the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit.

The Organic Beauty Awards is another event in Sweden to raise awareness of natural organic cosmetics – products that are as good for people’s health and well-being as they are for our planet.

These events help us learn more about which green beauty brands and eco-makeup brands we can choose for our own beauty routine.

3. Use Recyclable Packaging

The global beauty industry produces billions of plastic packages annually, most of which cannot be recycled. This means that the bottle of moisturizer is likely to stay intact for about 1000 years.

It is also important to consider that most bottles of cosmetic brands contain elements of foil, metal, and non-biodegradable glass. These composite materials are very hard to separate and recycle.

That is why sustainable brands are gradually changing to more eco-friendly packaging materials. On your part, don’t forget to drop off the packaging of the organic beauty products you’ve finished using for further recycling.

Reusable bags reduce environmental, social, and financial harm to us and the planet. Eco-bags can replace up to 4 plastic bags every time it is used. Designed to last 2 years, each bag will replace more than 400 plastic bags if used only once a week.8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 4

Some modern brands sell unpackaged raw materials that allow you to make your own deodorants, soaps, creams, and other hygiene products at home.8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 5

Usually, they’re all sold in the paper, and you only need to invest in a bottle to store your sustainable and natural beauty products, which smell much nicer than chemical beauty products.

Reusable Eco Bags

4. Use Homemade Beauty Treatments

Natural skincare and homemade beauty recipes such as homemade organic masks are the best green cosmetics as they minimize environmental waste.

These natural cosmetics are made from safe ingredients that we use in the kitchen every day and are safe for us and the planet.

Here are some home beauty tips you can use to replace synthetic cosmetics. For example, apple and egg yolk soften the epidermis, increase collagen levels and ensure skin elasticity.

Avocado contains vitamin B, which quickly restores the elasticity and freshness of the skin. Parsley juice and grapes help to get rid of traces of fatigue and constant insomnia.

5. Don’t Waste Water

Have you noticed how much water leaks from a tap while brushing your teeth or removing makeup? Turn off the tap when you don’t need water while brushing your teeth.

Considering the severe water shortages in Indian cities, it’s essential to think about saving water and reduce the time you spend in the shower. To consume less water take a shower with an aerated shower head, not a bath.8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 6

The European Environment Agency called on EU member states to rationally use water as the excessive exploitation of water decreases natural water reserves and affects the ecosystems dependent on it.

Aerated Shower Head

6. Ration Your Beauty Products

Use your green beauty products in small amounts if possible. If a new product did not suit you for any reasons, don’t throw it away. Give it away to your friends or to someone who can use it, instead.

How frequently do you wash your hair? Professional hairdressers usually advise washing your hair as rarely as possible, and this recommendation is suitable for normal hair types.

Shampoos wash out fat and oils, so if you wash your hair too often (for example, every day or every other day), it is very easy to over-dry your hair. For those used to washing their hair daily, this may seem drastic.

But, if you follow a new schedule for a few weeks, the work of your sebaceous glands will normalize and they will release much less oil. As a result, your hair will look as beautiful, healthy and clean as it does with daily washing.

Liquid eyeliner, concealer, and liquid lipstick have a short shelf life and dry quickly. It is better to immediately evaluate how the colour or tone looks, so as not to buy a product that would go to the trash unused.

Don’t take samples you are not interested in from the beauty shops as they will most likely go straight to the trash..

7. Ditch The Makeup Wipes

According to Teresa May, the UK is the world leader in the production of disposable plastic products and the UK government may prohibit the sale of plastic tubes, cotton swabs, and some other disposable plastic products.

This will be a new stage in the campaign to combat the pollution of rivers and the oceans and will hopefully make sustainable makeup brands more popular.

The public has supported the introduction of fees for the use of plastic bags and the prohibition of plastic granules, and the country can reduce the production of plastic tubes and cotton pads.

You can practice sustainable living by eliminating the use of face wipes and exchanging them with reusable bamboo cotton pads and biodegradable wipes in your daily skincare routine.8 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 78 Eco-Friendly, Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine 8

8. Donate Unwanted Products

Organizations like Project Beauty Share® collect personal hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products and distributes them through non-profit organizations that serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty.

TerraCycle is another organisation that can collect and recycle almost any form of waste, including “non-recyclable” products such as coffee capsules, pens from schools, or plastic gloves.

Once collected, the materials are separated by polymer types, cleaned and recycled. Each participant gets points that can be changed for different charitable gifts.

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is another organization that accepts mascara wands to help remove mud and oil from animals’ fur. Donate yours now and help thousands of wild animals worldwide.


In India, too, there are a number of startups involved in waste management, recycling, and upcycling such as:

Now it’s up to you to make a difference and do your best to eliminate pollution and rubbish. Take the first step towards a sustainable lifestyle and cleaner environment by using sustainable beauty brands.

Overuse of the Earth’s resources, poor waste management, climate change, and many other factors increase the negative impact that humans have on our environment.

That is why it is so important to go green, eliminate the use of plastic and synthetic beauty treatments, and switch to sustainable beauty products in your green beauty and skincare regimen.

I hope these natural beauty tips for women have shown you that it is possible to choose green beauty brands, and make more ethical and sustainable lifestyle choices in your daily skincare and beauty routine. Do share your own eco-friendly and green beauty tips in the comments below.

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.Author Bio:

Monica is the owner of MyStraightener, a beauty expert with great experience in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. She also completed various training accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists at the Beauty Academy, UK.



Eco-Friendly Green Beauty Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine

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