Home Beauty Treatments At Less Than 1/4th The Cost Of A Beauty Salon

Home Beauty Treatments At Less Than 1/4th The Cost Of A Beauty Salon

Instead of wasting your precious time and money in a beauty salon you can do the same costly beauty treatments at home at less than one-fourth the cost. Golden Reejsinghani shows you how to be your own beautician.

Facial At Home

A facial is a sort of instant makeover, which within a short span of time can rejuvenate your skin. For doing a facial at home, tie up your hair with the help of a hair band then clean your face with good cleansing milk.

Homemade cleansing milk:

Take two tablespoons of warm milk, add one teaspoon of oil into it. Dip in it a piece of cotton wool and cleanse your skin with this. Release impurities of your face by steaming.


Steaming at home is done by putting your face over a basin full of hot water, covered with a towel. Steam your face for as long as five minutes only.

While steaming, always remember to hold your face at least 25 centimetres above the hot water otherwise you can get broken veins. If you have dry skin steam for five minutes and if you have dry skin steam for 10 minutes.

The heat from the steam dilates the pores and removes the dirt accumulated on the face and cleanses the skin of all its impurities thoroughly. After you finish steaming your face wipe it with a damp napkin and pat it dry.

Now apply a facial scrub on your face before applying the face mask. A facial scrub is used on the face to make the face smooth and remove the blackheads, whiteheads and all the dead cells.

Homemade face scrub: 

Mix two tablespoons wheat bran or choker in enough curds to make it a paste and massage into the face for 5 to 7 minutes and wash off with tap water.

Homemade face packs: 

Face packs are used to remove all the impurities from the face cleanse and refine the pores of your skin thereby improving its colour and texture and also at the same time gives it a glow and shine.

You can make a number of face packs at home. Here are a number of packs to suit all types of skins right from greasy, dry, and sallow to dark and dull skin. Choose the one which suits you the best.

Face pack for normal skin: 

To make a pack for normal skin mix an unbeaten egg, a few pinches of camphor and 1 tablespoon milk powder to make a paste wash it off after 20 minutes.

Face pack for dry skin: 

Mix one tablespoon of chandan (sandalwood) powder, half teaspoon honey and one teaspoon cream found on top of boiled and cooled milk. Mix together and apply it on the face.

Face pack for greasy skin: 

Take one tablespoon multani mitti (Fuller’s earth), one teaspoon glycerin, half teaspoon lime juice. Mix together and apply on the entire face. Keep it on for 20 minutes and wash off.

Face pack for dark and dull skin:

Take one teaspoon ground moong dal, half teaspoon rose water, one teaspoon honey, one teaspoon fruit pulp of your choice in season. Mix together all the ingredients for 20 minutes.

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Home treatments for wrinkled skin:

1. Mash a banana, mix a little cream from milk that is boiled and cooled, apply on the skin and leave for 20 minutes, and wash off with tap water.

2. Another good treatment for wrinkled skin is to take an egg white mix in a little lime juice and add a pinch of haldi. Paint it on the face, let it dry thoroughly, and then wash off.

After you have finished applying the face pack, relax in a room that has dim lighting. Apply pads of chilled orange juice on your eyes. After about 15 minutes wash off and apply a moisturizer on your face.

Now is the time to look in the mirror. Look at yourself your face now looks as fresh as petals of a rose, glowing, alive and fresh. Do this treatment once every week to look fresh, young and beautiful in the comfort of your house.

Perfect Eye Brows

Only one brow-shaping done in a saloon can help you maintain perfect eyebrows all your life.

To maintain your eyebrows: 

Each day view your eyebrows in a mirror near an open window where you get plenty of light. If you happen to see any stray hair pluck them out with the help of a tweezer.

If you find that tweezing is painful then take the sting out of the operation by dabbing your eyebrows with a piece of cotton wool dipped in eau de cologne.

Trim the hair using scissors if they are too long. This regime should be followed daily without fail to keep your eyebrows in shape permanently.

Waxing At Home

We spend a lot of money and time in a parlour to do waxing of our hands and legs. What better if we can do it at home with half the time spent.

Home Made Wax:

To prepare your own wax at home take 250 grams of sugar, and squeeze in the juice of 6 limes. Cook this mixture over a gentle flame on the fire till this mixture turns light brown in colour and at the same time sticky. Remove this mixture from fire when it turns sticky and mix in one tablespoon of glycerine.

Apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth with the help of a blunt knife. Then press a clean strip of cotton cloth over the wax. Grip the edge of the cloth firmly with your hands. Pull it off in one swift motion against the direction of the hair growth.

Before applying wax on any are of your hands or legs apply a little talcum powder to this area to ensure that the wax you have applied comes off cleanly. After you have waxed the areas you have wanted to moisturize the skin with a good moisturizing lotion.

Nail Care At Home

Healthy nails hold nail polish better and for a longer period of time. Don’t keep your fingernails covered all the time with nail polish.

Instead, allow them to breathe in the oxygen and to get the benefits of sun and air by removing the nail polish a day before you give yourself a manicure.

Manicure at home:

Before starting your manicure, wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water. Apply a cuticle remover to remove the cuticles with a cotton bud. Always use a good quality cuticle remover.

A cuticle remover softens and loosens your cuticles. Never ever cut cuticles or try to push them back too hard as it might hurt you. Massage some olive oil around your nails and then wipe them thoroughly so that no trace of grease around your nail remains.

After doing this cut your nails with the help of a nail cutter and then file them with the help of a nail file. Place your hands firmly on a table and then apply a thin coat of nail polish over the nails.

Stroke brush down the middle, base to tips then to the sides. Let this dry and apply the second coat and let it dry too. Finally, apply a thin topcoat, and leave this to dry too.

Pedicure at home: 

Never keep long toenails – cut them across to prevent painful ingrown toenails. File your nails carefully and remove any stains from the old nail polish with a nail polish remover.

Before applying nail polish place small swabs of cotton between each toe. Paint the nails using a thin coat. Let it dry completely then apply the second coat of nail polish.

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